Merger & Acquisition Services

You may be ready to sell your company.
We make sure you’re also prepared.

Most of our clients have never sold a company and, quite honestly, are too busy running the one they have to learn how. Consequently, they don’t know how to prepare financials, how to make their companies attractive to buyers, how to approach negotiations or what consultants to invite to the table. At PCS, we do. Our advisors take the work and worry off you, actively managing all phases of the transaction to ensure that your interests are well represented, that you’re informed every step of the way and that you’re confident in the decisions you make.

Operational & Financial Readiness

There are many reasons a business may not be quite ready to sell. It may be the market. It may be operational risk. Or it may simply be that the company’s financials aren’t in a format that facilitates due diligence. At PCS, we work with each client — in some cases for a year or two — to help management prepare their company for a merger or acquisition. This includes our own assessment and review, but as needed we also call on other trusted advisors with specific expertise in accounting, risk management, human resources, capital planning, operations and more.

Merger & Acquisition Strategy

Every transaction has a purpose. It may be for the founder to retire or it may be to attract the capital needed to grow. Whatever that purpose is, we work with each seller to map out a strategy that prepares the company and its people for the transaction, setting value as well as non-value-related goals, such as desired transition periods or contract payout lengths. We also set a strategy to seek and attract the right kind of transaction partner, one whose objectives align with the seller’s, one who has demonstrated the ability to offer peak value.

Transition Team Building

Our network of local and national resources ensures that our clients get the right professionals for their transition teams. These include accountants, attorneys, valuation specialists, risk managers, mediators and bankers. All professionals are thoroughly vetted, not only for their experience and industry knowledge, but also for their personalities. After all, we don’t need a surly attorney spoiling a deal at the final signing. Ultimately, by having the right mix of advisors in the room we help to ensure confidence among both parties in the transaction — making for stronger, better, permanent deals.

Buyer Identification & Screening

It is common practice in brokering to bring in as many tire kickers as possible in the hopes that one will actually work out. This wastes client time, puts confidentiality at risk and results in false starts and a lengthened “for sale” period. At PCS, we continually conduct buyer identification and screening, and have built a network of companies with known interest in purchasing oil field service businesses. Once we’ve worked with a seller to understand his goals, we reach out discretely and directly to the companies in this network. This avoids wasting client time, protects confidentiality and often leads to a transaction. If it doesn’t we expand the net, always screening buyers for interest, ability and strategic fit before introducing them to a client.

Due Diligence

Proper due diligence is required of both sides in a transaction. We work with clients to be sure they have the required reports and figures in order, so a buyer can conduct due diligence quickly. We also work with clients to ensure that the buyer or merging company measures up as well. That could be as simple as verifying banking credentials. However in cases such as a true merger, it requires our client to conduct a full due diligence process — inspecting financials, inventory records, equity positions, investment assets, valuation documents, stock options and much more. To ensure the process is done well, PCS relies not only on our own advisors but also on other experienced, trusted professionals such as accountants and attorneys specializing in M&A.

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