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Businesses for Sale

Concrete Pumping Company

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2013 Revenue:                  $2.4 Million

2013 EBITDA:                     $715,000

Assets:                              $1,720,000


This company specializes in providing primarily concrete pumping services as well as limited shotcreting services. They not only provide quality service, but they provide it in a timely manner which is a critical factor in the oil and gas industry. Their reputation is their greatest strength, and they get it done with a solid employee base, proper management, and efficient equipment.


Their revenue has more than tripled from fiscal year 2010 to fiscal year 2013, and their EBITDA has grown 466% from the same time frame.


They have a well-diversified base with their clients as their largest customer accounts for 6% of total revenue. 


Location: Heart of the Bakken

Listing broker: Zac Griffin | 406-868-9366

Listing number: VTC13904

Asking price: 3.5X EBITDA

Comprehensive Steel Provider

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2012 SALES:                $12,642,069

2012 EBITDA:              $2,571,762

ASSETS:                       $673,942


This company is a comprehensive provider of steel and related industrial supplies that include lumber, fencing, and hydraulic equipment. The owner has been able to recognize and benefit from several economic drivers in the North Dakota market including oil and gas, agriculture, fencing, and construction. The manager is a valuable asset in terms of management capability and has stated a strong desire to continue with  the firm after the sale to ensure its continued growth and profitability.


Key strengths to this business include:

  • Excellent reputation which has provided its customers with specific and accurate needs in a timely manner.
  • Pricing and acquisition structure that allows them to leverage with volume and as a result establish increased margins.
  • Well established relationships with suppliers allows the firm to provide the transfer and delivery of industrial materials straight to the clients from the vendors which allows reduced costs.
  • They have been able to stay agile and adapt to the changing market dynamics by addressing the altering needs of their customers.



Location: Bakken, Southwest North Dakota

Listing broker: Zac Griffin | 406-868-9366 / John Suprock | 406-880-3697

Listing number: JLS16138

Asking price: 4x Trailing 12 Months EBITDA

Retail/Wholesale Sporting Goods Stores

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Gross Sales: $4,999,244

Adj. Net Income: $612,750

FF&E: $363,754

Inventory: $1,300,000

Real Estate: $600,000

Seller financing available, ask broker.


Two retail and wholesale sporting goods stores that are well diversified in their products that range from fishing, footwear, clothing, gift items, corporate and team embroidery services, silk screening services, trophies, awards, engravings, guns, ammo, archery, optics and much more. Besides a well-diversified base of products, these stores also include recognizable name brand products such as Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Danner, Woolrich, Under Armour, Ruger, Benelli, Federal, etc.


This company has increased its revenue each year for the past four years at each store. In addition to the increased revenue, this company has maintained their profit margins by maintaining and efficiently managing their expenses.



Location: Small Towns / Bakken Region

Listing broker: Zac Griffin - 406-868-9366 / John Suprock - 406-880-3697

Listing number: HSP13816

Asking price: $3,500,000

Construction Roustabout, Crews, Backhoes - UNDER LOI

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REVENUE 2013:    $7.16M
EBITDA:                 $3.26M
FMV Equipment:   $ 829,098


CURRENT PRICING IS BASED ON 3.5 X TRAILING12 MONTH EBITDA. This company has been providing quality service and construction in the Oil and Gas fields of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah since 1981. Owners provide management and supervision in the field as well as customer contact (no sales staff). Owner states that they have approximately 20 clients that they work for on a regular basis.

Location: Bakken Oil Field

Listing broker: John Suprock | 406-880-3697

Listing number: MDT2329

Asking price: Current pricing is based on 3.5 x trailing 12 month EBITDA

High-Growth Commercial / Industrial Building Contractor

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Gross:           $10,400,000
Cash Flow:   $932,300


Established since the late 1940s, and growing rapidly (86% in the last 3 years) in concert with a robust local economy and construction sector, the Company had a reputation sufficiently solid  and a clientele broad enough to come through the recession years unscathed, poised to participate fully in the tremendous economic growth of the Bakken region since 2007—growth projected to continue at current levels through the mid 2020s and beyond.


Location: Bakken Oilfield, North Dakota

Listing broker: Bob Heffner | 406-544-1776 or Scott Lester | 406-261-2539

Listing number: KGL13806

Asking price: $3,300,000

Frac Tank Insulation Company

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Location: Bakken Oilfield

Listing broker: Scott Lester | 406-261-2539

Listing number: SIFS14624

Asking price: $7,500,000

Premiere Overhead Door Company

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Gross Sales: $5,283,877

Cash Flow - SDE: $760,657

FF&E: $443,649

Real Estate: $1,400,000 (sold separately)


Located in one of the principal cities in the Northern Rockies Oil Play, this company has been the premier overhead door installer in the area since the early 1980s.

With an exclusive distributorship for the most popular in-state manufactured brand, they sell, install and repair a variety of mechanically-operated overhead doors designed for industrial, commercial, farm and residential structures.   Deploying crews (13 full-time & 3 part-time employees) out of their own prime location (over 18,000 sq. ft. of office, showroom and warehouse facilities, listed separately), they also sell through a network of 11 sub-dealers covering 8 smaller towns within a radius of 120 miles.


Location: Northern Rockies Oil Play

Listing broker: Robert Heffner | 406-544-1776 or Zac Griffin | 406-868-9366

Listing number: MDWD12313

Asking price: $2,300,000

Oil/Gas Supply & Repair Retail Store SOLD

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Sales: $3,146,858

Cash Flow: $ 661,407

Equipment: $235,200


Oil and gas supply and repair stores are a hot commodity in the oil and gas shales. Drilling and production companies maintain inventory and supplies by purchasing items directly instead of having items needed shipped directly and causing downtime on the rigs. Stores are supplied with over a 1,000 items in stock for customer needs. They supply all the major companies in the area as well as the production service companies in the area.


Location: Wyoming

Listing broker: Zac Griffin | 406-868-9366

Listing number: PSRT11920

Asking price: $950,000

Hydraulic Fracturing Support and Flowback Equipment Rental Company | SOLD

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2012 Sales:    $8,500,000
Cash Flow:     $5,600,000


Located in the Bakken region of North Dakota, the firm has designed, and helped engineer several innovative products that service both drilling rigs and hydraulic fracturing customers.  The company operates within two primary specialized markets, flow back equipment rental (specially designed to help customers retrieve and reuse water, chemicals and oil used and produced during hydraulic fracturing jobs), and steam cleaning and thawing (using a specialized technology that functions exceptionally well in all weather conditions. 


The firm is well managed and staffed with key personal. The owners are looking for assistance with expansion and are willing to stay with the company after the sale.  Since its inception, the company has seen rapid growth within the Bakken oil field.  Management is currently in discussions with several oil majors to begin servicing other shale plays within the United States, as well as expansion into roustabout services with their existing clients.

Location: Bakken Oilfield, North Dakota

Listing broker: Scott Lester | 406-261-2539

Listing number: NTAS13622

Asking price: 3.5X Trailing 12 Months EBITDA

Fast-Growth Manufacturer of Patented Hand Tools - SOLD

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Fast-Growth Manufacturer of Patented Hand Tools  - SOLD


REVENUE:            $3,250,593

2011SDE:                $463,000

2012 SDE:               $642,900

FF&E (included):  $1,013,000


In business since 1987, the Company is a manufacturing business that has gone through the extended process (beginning as a family-owned startup) of creating the market and establishing their brand name as the generic name --like Skilsaw in power circular saws--for a small line of innovative hand tools protected by utility patents.The Company’s rapid recent growth reflects its breakthrough into national retail chains. 

Ownership/management believe the Company is poised for major expansion in revenues and profitability, to be achieved through relocation out of their current overpriced wage and realestate market; and by merger or alliance with a manufacturer or distributor having multiple product lines in the several major retail chains remaining to be penetrated, or by new ownership able to establish relationships with national marketing firms currently representing broad product  lines in the hardware and farm/ranch supply category.

Location: Northern Rockies

Listing broker: Bob Heffner | 406-544-1776 or Scott Lester | 406-261-2539

Listing number: STRNP13602

Asking price: $2,600,000

Oil Tank Manufacturing Company - SOLD

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Revenue:          $22,951,433

Net Income:      $7,803,655

2012 EBITDA:     $8,150,000



This Company is known for its emphasis on quality, reliability and innovation as well as is as building superior quality tanks. In fact, of all the tanks ever produced the company only has two documented leaks (Estimated to be a few ounces of oil) on 2 tanks out of 6,000. This company’s tanks command premium prices and the current backlog of orders is estimated to be a year. The Company generated nearly $23 million in revenue in 2012.

Location: Bakken Oil Field

Listing broker: Scott Lester | 406-261-2539 or John Suprock | 406-880-3697

Listing number: SFMT13322

Asking price: 5.5x Trailing 12 Months EBITDA

Trucking Co, Oil & Water Fleet - SOLD

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This is a rare, complete package of trucks & heavy equipment for a trucking company operator or other equipment-intensive company seeking to relocate to / expand in the high-growth Bakken Formation region of North Dakota & Eastern Montana.


This Heart-of-the-Bakken location near Watford City supports operations from Dickenson, ND and Miles City, MT in the south, to Sidney MT and New Town ND in the west and east, to Williston ND and Plentywood MT in the north & northwest.


Location: Bakken,ND

Listing broker: Robert Heffner

Listing number: RWT111207

Asking price: $2,400,000

1.8 EBITDA Strong Bakken Area Non-Destructive Testing Co.-SOLD

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This Company is a nondestructive testing (NDT) company. The Company specializes in a specific type of X-ray testing that is used to determine the effectiveness and safety of pipelines in the Bakken area that transport oil, gas, water and other fluids. It services an area with an approximate 200-mile radius and is well situated to take advantage of opportunities created by increased petroleum production in the region.


Location: North Dakota, Bakken

Listing broker: John Suprock | 406-880-3697 or Zac Griffin | 406-868-9366

Listing number: TIK12615

Asking price: 10,000,000