Strategic Business Sales

Successful outcomes require mutually beneficial relationships. To help make those happen, PCS seeks sellers who meet specific criteria and then we employ a rigorous process for vetting deals. This protocol helps to inform, build trust and ensure that everyone is on the same page from project launch to deal execution.

STEP ONE: ASSESS — PCS fully vets all sell-side clients in order to understand their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and goals. In essence, we examine the potential for a strategic sale by identifying the core, value-added contributions of each client company. These include assessing physical assets, service sector potential, human capital, performance history and financials, among other things. This assessment helps determine how attractive the company will be given the current market, and it sets the stage for what type of buyer may be most appropriate or desirable.

STEP TWO: PLAN — With a full understanding of client goals, assets and market potential, PCS works with sellers to develop a plan for going to market. We monitor the energy sector by analyzing potential buyers’ corporate and portfolio management strategies. Then we use strategic mapping, GAP analysis and energy industry value chain analysis to determine a “best strategic fit” between our clients and a potential pool of buyers. For example, a company in trucking might best be served by a merger or acquisition with a buyer focused on pipeline development to expand its offering.

STEP THREE: TARGET — Once we thoroughly understand client goals and objectives and have matched those to potential acquisition pools, PCS begins to target specific buyers, ones with a defined need for our client’s products, services or geographic footprint. This targeted approach helps to maintain confidentiality, manage time and expense, and prevent false starts. Most important, it helps to eliminate unqualified “tire kickers” and to ensure that when we bring in a buyer that buyer has a defined need that matches our client’s company and has demonstrated the ability to offer peak value.

STEP FOUR: EXECUTE — A quality vetting process helps set the stage for a seamless execution, but it doesn’t guarantee one. At PCS, we view ourselves not only as advisors, but also as process managers. We bring the right people into the room. We help set expectations and craft contract language. We help ensure that paperwork is executed properly. And we work efficiently to build chemistry, to mitigate obstacles and to keep the focus squarely on executing a successful transaction and strategic business exit.

PCS CLIENT PROFILE — As part of identifying the right fit, we begin with the following criteria for potential sellers:

  • EBITDA minimum of $3MM
  • Energy sector businesses including:
    • Oil Field Services
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy-related Services
  • Located in the USA or Canada in these regions:
    • Williston Basin
    • Power River Basin
    • Bighorn Basin
    • Wind River Basin
    • Greater Green River Basin
    • Uinta Basin
    • Denver Basin
    • Western Canada Sedimentary Basin