The most productive oil any of us burns is midnight oil. Which is another way of saying that our approach to M&A is to work hard and make ourselves available to clients: First, by being on the ground in places like the Bakken and Wyoming. Second, by working the hours you work. Meaning that if you need us to show up at 9 p.m. (your time zone) to review financials or take a call at 6 a.m. to answer a question, we do. Gladly.

Over the years, this on-the-ground approach has helped us create strong relationships with sellers, buyers and local business owners. It’s enabled us to identify the right local professionals — attorneys, CPAs and bankers — to tap as needed. And it’s given us a reputation for working fairly and developing solid deals.

It’s also created another advantage for our clients.

You see, no matter where you were educated or how smart you are, you simply can’t understand the dynamics of the region we operate in unless you put in your time and put on the miles. And we do. The result? We know what to sell, when to sell and how to set a value. Not based on what an owner needs or what a buyer wants, but on what the ebb and flow of the market demands.

Sometimes that means waiting and getting your financials in order. Sometimes it means pouring fuel on the fire and quickly entering the market. But always, in our experience, it translates to a deal that is more likely to satisfy all parties — a deal that gets done and stays done.