Since 2001, PCS Advisors has forged a strong reputation built on confidentiality, credibility and integrity. As a “strategic M&A advisory firm,” PCS specializes in energy-related business mergers and acquisitions and private equity / capital investment for companies with annual sales of between $25 million and $100 million. We deploy advanced gap and industry analysis, corporate strategy and analytical portfolio management techniques to position sell-side clients for peak value and to seek out value-impacting businesses or assets for strategic buyers from around the world.

PCS is a unique firm in that we put client strategic objectives first. That means we begin the process of selling by helping our clients formalize their exit strategies, identify company intangibles, account for value-added contributions and assess industry dynamics. All of these factors help us properly position or seek out peak-value opportunities on behalf of our clients.

PCS Advisors is headquartered in Montana, but in truth, our offices are pickup trucks and laptops. We believe in having a presence on the ground in the regions we serve. Currently, much of our activity is focused in the Bakken and Wyoming, but we also work throughout Colorado and as far south as the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.